Family Visiting Room


Dear Friends of Abbott House,

I’m writing to thank you for your past generous gifts to Abbott House – and to urge you to take a moment to continue your support today. It is heartwarming to know you share our vision for helping children, families, and adults with complex needs.

The other day I was peeking in our Family Visiting room. This is where our foster parents bring the children to spend time with their biological parents.

These visits are vital for families. The children need hope they may soon return to their family. Their parents need hope they can get their children back.

But it was heartbreaking to watch the families interact. And as I began to look around the room it was easy to see why.

Grayish-blue walls, no privacy, no wall art, not enough chairs and tables, or activities to engage families together.

Uninspiring and lacking in dignity are the words that came to my mind.

Children are our future, and taking care of them is the most important thing you and I can do. Keeping hope alive - and families together – is a way to create lasting foundations that children can rely on.

This is why I need your help more than ever. Please make a gift in support of Abbott House today. Together we can create a Family Visiting room, a place where kids feel inspired and hopeful…And parents feel the respect and dignity - and faith - we have in them to address their challenges so they can get their children back.

I was speaking with Michele Basquit, our Director of Foster Care about the Family Visiting room. She said,

“Lauren, all of our staff are very concerned about the message the atmosphere of the room conveys to the children and families.  Our budget just doesn’t allow for us to make it better. Who can we ask to help us?”

You have already helped so many with your past support. Now you can help even more children and families by creating an inspiring environment to bring about positive change and hope to these struggling children and families.

Please don’t wait to renew your gift. We want to get started on creating a new Family Visiting room as soon as possible and we just can’t do it without you.

I am profoundly grateful for all your support over the years. Please know that whatever contribution you are able to make, you will always be appreciated for your continuing support, your strength and compassion, and your confidence in our work. I extend to you my most sincere gratitude.

With Thanks,


Lauren Candela-Katz, MSW, CFRE

Chief Development Officer

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